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Does your current MDF Mouldings supplier offer you a full range of patterns from stock? If not it's time to take a fresh look at MDF Mouldings.

Watford Timber Company are manufacturers of MDF Mouldings and offer a design service to allow customers to create their own distinctive range of second fix mouldings. Whether you are replicating an existing moulding or looking to give yourself a design edge over the competition, why not talk to us about what we can offer?

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Wattim MDF Mouldings should be stored indoors on a flat, level surface using an adequate number of supports to prevent sagging.

Moisture content of MR MDF is in the range 6% +/- at the time of manufacture. Changes in the dimensions of wood or wood based mouldings occur due to changes in relative humidity. For this reason Wattim MDF Mouldings should be conditioned to the final environment for two to three days before fixing.

Forestry Stewardship Council:
Wattim MDF Mouldings are produced from MR MDF offered by manufacturers who have successfully achieved Chain of Custody Certification.